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Tired of waiting for us to play one of your favorite movies?

Think you can choose more popular titles than we do?

Then put your money where your mouth is!

For a $300 tax deductable donation you can choose a movie for a single public showing. It must be a movie we can get (basically not a brand new release or any Disney property). You and The Plaza must agree on the movie and time and date for your showing.

What you get:

To see one of your favorite films on the big screen.

50 vouchers, for your showing only, to share with your friends, family and co workers.

The adoration of your friends, family and co workers

The Plaza is a non-profit organization. So you will recieve a letter for your $300 tax deductible donation.

What we get:

This will be an open to the public showing. We get all ticket sales from anyone attending that does not have a voucher.

We keep all proceeds from concessions.

We get to show more, and more varied, movies!

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