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22 cents. Thats all movie lovers had to pay to see a movie at the Plaza Theatre when it opened on December 25th 1919.

The Weaver brothers believed “if they build it the people would come” It would feature clear projection, new movies, a Wurlitzer organ, and almost 700 seats.

The Theatre remained a community icon for 50 years until 1968 when televisions and other commercial factors began competing with Theatre goers. The Theatre became a western retail store in 1968 which closed in 2002; the Theatre stood vacant from 2002 until it was beautifully restored.

The Plaza Theatre reopened on Christmas Day of 2015, thanks to the efforts of the non-profit organization passionate about revitalizing the unique downtown Miamisburg.

2024 Plaza Gala: a thank you to our sponsors and volunteers!

The Plaza Theatre is well known as the place for many first dates. Check out the story behind these locals and committee members in the videos below.

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